Klise Wake Up 2019 Siddharta

Another year, another concert by Wake up events at Pungrt Hall in Šmartno pri Litiji. Can you guess which was the main band this year? Check it out!

Alive Step Up 2019

Alive Step Up is one of a kind sports event, where people run on the stairs to the top of the tallest building. The same event is worldwide known to all major cities in the world like New York, Singapur... Check it out!

IQ Lighting

Promotional video for a very high tech & unique lighting company from Slovenia. Get to know a bit more this amazing company. Check it out!

Klise – Wake up 2017 Aftermovie

Concert for twenty years of club Kliše! See which four Slovenian bands were up on the stage and how the whole concert looked like. Check it out!

Hofer Junior Oviratlon

This year Oviratlon changed its traditional location from Pokljuka to beautiful Planica. The World wide know venue for ski jumping. For the first time, there was also a junior run for kids. Check it out!

Cross Country Vransko

April the second was the date that marked the first Cross Country race for Slovenian National Championship this year. Cross country is a combination of endurance and motocross. Check it out!

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Hello, my name is Urban! I am a videographer, video editor, and motion designer, born in Ljubljana and raised in a small town called Litija. My passion for moving pictures began at a young age when I was introduced to skateboarding. Growing up with friends and learning all sorts of tricks, I developed a strong desire to capture all the action. It all started with my first handycam, and ever since then, I have been dedicated to recording and editing videos.

My professional journey began in television as a video editor, where I eventually became the head of the video editing department. After five years, I seized the opportunity to join Studio Moderna’s digital team and immersed myself in digital campaigns and the world of social media. Working for a leading omnichannel company in Central & Eastern Europe was an incredible experience that significantly expanded my knowledge of digital platforms.

My area of expertise lies in motion design & animation. I am known for my extreme attention to detail, and many people would describe me as a perfectionist. What drives me forward is the constant quest to discover new creative and innovative ways to tell stories through moving pictures. I have a particular passion for engaging projects, especially those related to sports, which offer dynamic and adrenaline-fueled opportunities.

In my free time, I enjoy being outdoors, cruising around on my skateboard. Also addicted to watching movies…could say I’m a film buff. Apart from that, I also enjoy playing games on Xbox console. My keen interest in technology drives me to keep up with tech updates and stay in touch with all the latest innovations.


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