Klise – Wake up 2017 Aftermovie

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December, 2017
Filmed by:
Urban Kokot & Davor Barukčić
Edited by:
Urban Kokot
Šmartno pri Litiji, Slovenia
Music by:
Joker Out & Big Foot Mama
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Kliše (Klub Litijskih in Šmarskih študentov) celebrated their 20th birthday and as a part of traditional winter parties prepared this special concert. For this purpose, they organized a big event where four rock bands appeared. Local band Artenigma came first and warmed up over a thousand people under the stage. Next bend to step on the stage were Joker Out, which continued with rock riffs. The Avven group performed as a third band in the Pungrt Hall. The crowd loved their songs and were amazed by their performance and pyrotechnical input. The Big Foot Mama band has rounded off this unforgettable event with their greatest hits. Soon after the concert the official live music video AVVEN - Join The Dance was released. For which I am very proud to say that I also helped with video material that I recorded for the event.