Klise Wake Up 2019 Siddharta

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November, 2019
Filmed by:
Urban Kokot & Davor Barukčić
Edited by:
Urban Kokot
Šmartno pri Litiji, Slovenia
Music by:
Siddharta & Lumberjack
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Very similar to last year's concert (which you can find here or on my Youtube channel) same organizers created new magic this year aswell. Warm-up went to three bands which were full of energy and incredible intuitive rock riffs. Two were the same as last year Avven and Joker Out. And introduced a band Lumberjack which was playing for the first time in the Pungrt Hall. The main band of the evening was no one else than the most popular rock band in Slovenia. Yes, you guessed it... Siddharta! I hope you enjoy this official after movie of the event.